2022 /
Installation, objects: metal, glass,
mirrors, resin
The Circumpolar project exists as a study that began from an accidental discovery. And then it manifests itself in objects, experiments with instruments, performative practices and writing.
The beginning arose as a study of the composition of amalgam - a substance used in the process of silvering in mirrors, medicine (in particular, present in my body) and the process of silver gelatin printing in photography. More precisely, amalgam is already the result of combining substances, the active component is silver nitrate. The curiosity study of this chemical compound attracted my attention to the fact that one substance participated in several ways of creating or storing an image at once, and drew a connection between the image and memory.
It is impossible to perceive mirrors without a reference to Lacan, but now I am more likely to witness how the role of the mirror in creating an ideal image represents a media, where the image is constructed rather than displayed. The mirror, which has manifested its stage as a meeting with the subject within us, unexpectedly plays a role in the object of our own body.
And I'm talking primarily about non-male bodies. About those individuals who are vulnerable in social history and reflexively look in the mirror to confirm "that everything is in order." The role of the mirror as a the conductor turned out to be more monstrous than could be seen out of the corner of the eye in the reflection.
Armed with nitric and hydrochloric acids, I etched mirrors to restore them.  Amalgam is a malleable but fragile substance, like the dust of a butterfly's wings. The transparency of the mirror works in two directions - it is possible not only to see your own image but also to see what is on the other side of the glass

2022 The softerst will win / Aquarium, Academie Fine Arts, Vienna
2021 These things i know for sure’ / Academie Fine Arts, Vienna
2021 Closer & Clousure / Improper Walls Gallery, Vienna

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