Kristina Cyan 

Iceberg Data
2019 / Installation, 160 x 160 cm, Glass, resin, plastic, wood, led light,
Sound 5.1 - 2.36 min

Artwork made in a collaboration with scientists. It is based on the ideas of correlationism, and outlines the problems with the rework of big data. Data is no longer isolated from the emotional side. Human capacities cannot provide details of the process anymore, but machine power stays unknown of its learning.
The produced information shall be perceived, however, invented but unused knowledge created a huge black hole of emotional state when scientists dedicate their lifetime to “empty output”. Speaking about technology, pure mathematics remains when the perception of the subjective is excluded.
Meyasu gives an example of large sets, as well as biases we can notice in process of media and message.

Arseny Kalinin - engineer-physicist, microscopy specialist (NT-MDT / Moscow)
Pavel Vinar - Software Engineer (NT-MDT /Moscow)
Alexander Khachikyan - Scientist (Max Planck Institute / Bremen, Germany)
Thanks to: Daria Shkeleva, Media lab Planetaruim I

2018 The artwork was represent on Science Fest, Planetaruim I, Saint-Petersburg

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