Kristina Cyan 

Kristina Cyan (*1988) is an interdisciplinary artist who lives and works in Vienna and Berlin.
Her artistic work and practice focus on the intersection of (media- and bio-) technology, body-politics, politics of images, feminist and environmental studies. From her point of view, technology is not only a tool but also represents hybridity politics of extensions and raises questions of information, identities, publicity and politics.
These issues concern globalization, processes of interaction with society and advanced media technologies and do affect and influence our fragmented perception of reality and materiality. This is the area where her aesthetic concerns address a challenge of ethics.
She uses different media to work with these issues, such as film, video installation, writing, sculpture and performative practice.

Recently, her works have been shown (selected) at Mumok cinema (Austria), Kunst Haus Wien (Austria), Rec.Forward Festival in Nice (France), B3 Biennial Moving Images in Frankfurt (Germany), European Media Art Festival in Osnabrück (Germany), Film Museum Vienna, Vienna (Austria) and many more.

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Rec.Forward Festival / Nice (FR)
European Media Art Festival № 35 / Osnabrück (DE)
B3 Biennial Moving Images / Frankfurt (DE)
Visibilities Festival / Schikaneder kino / Vienna (AT)
Film Museum Vienna / Vienna (AT)
MUMOK cinema / Vienna (AT)
Action Hybryde / Venice (IT)


MUMOK cinema (AT)

Rec.Forward Festival / Nice (FR)
B3 Biennial Moving Images / Frankfurt (DE)
TAFO / Jena (DE)
Format.strk / Vienna (AT)
AVY Gallery / Prague (CZ)
Dass Weisse House / Vienna (AT)
Kultursommer Wien Festival / Vienna (AT)
Kunst Haus Wien / Teach Nature, Vienna (AT)
Visibilities Festival / Schikaneder kino, Vienna (AT)
Perallel edition / EG Nord, Vienna (AT)
Lowland 7 / Lowland, Stuttgart (DE)
European Media Art Festival № 35 / Osnabrück (DE)
Projection* / Never At Home, Vienna (AT)
Precarious circumstances / Soho studious,
QM&A project, Vienna (AT)
The softest will win / Aquarium, Vienna (AT)
Amaterinnen* / Film Museum Vienna, Vienna (AT)

These things i know for sure’ / Academie Fine Arts, Vienna (AT)
Amaterinnen* / Film Museum, Vienna (AT)
Closer & Clousure / Improper Walls Gallery, Vienna (AT)
Sommer in Floridsdorf festival / public festival, Vienna (AT)
XX Flanerie / public festival, Vienna (AT)
Undoing Landscapes / X-hibit space, Vienna (AT)
I Know I care / VBKOe, Vienna (AT)
yH brid Spaces / Fluc, Vienna (AT)

Escape the room / Wrong online Bienalle, Vienna-Moscow (RU)
Action Hybryde / Venice (IT)

Hot news show / DK, Moscow (RU)
Science Fest / Planetarium 1, Saint-Petersburg (RU)
Not for sale / Osnova gallery, Moscow (RU)
Die Wahrheit / Saint-Petersburg Loft, Berlin (DE)
Art-Lobster-Tart / A3 gallery, Moscow (RU)
Borders / ICA, Moscow
ICONS / Dukley Art Gallery, Budva
Beginning / ARXIV , Moscow
Embrassing of neiborhood / Dukley EAC, Kotor

2007-2011 Fine Arts and BA from the Architecture Design in SUTD Saint Petersburg,
2011-2014 MA in Graphic Design and Visual communication at NIUD Saint Petersburg,
2017-2019 MA in Art Theory from the Institute of Contemporary Art of I. Backshtein, Moscow 
2019- studying in class of Art and Digital Media in Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna.
2021 Guerilla University conference
2022 Spring Curatorial Program 2022: Art Geographies
2022 Keynote speaker at KomREx Symposium
2023 Exchange in Iceland University of the Arts, Reykjavík

2022 Künstlerische Tatsachen / Art&Science residency, Jena
2018 Die Wahrheit / Petersburg Art Space, Berlin
2017 Dukley Art Residence / Kotor

2023 Heidi Specker
2022 OTZ.DE
2022 European Media Art Festival № 35
2022 Lowland 7 Edition
2021 Apparatus
2021 Artmagazine
2021 «Не могу не делать» podcast
2019 Archive of Garage Museum of Art, Moscow
© Kristina Cyan 2023