All images are real

(but some of them more real than others)
2024 /
video 5.16 min
sound 2.1

This video project serves as a critical exploration of the impact of AI-generated imagery on our perception and understanding of visual content. It centers around an incident where a photorealistic image of a missile attack, generated by AI, was utilized without proper attribution in online publications. The video delves into the transformative shift from traditional to algorithmic image creation, emphasizing the dynamic and fluid nature of the resulting images, which challenge conventional forms of representation.

Embedded within this exploration are broader considerations related to the histori- cal and invisible dimensions within images. Aligned with posthuman perspectives, the video prompts contemplation on the unseen forces shaping these images and challenges established norms within the image politics and the covert dynamics in the production of AI-generated imagery. It aims to shed light on issues such as extractivism and accelerationism, sparking a thoughtful discourse within the realm of image creation. Overall, the video project engages in a profound examination of the transformative potential and ethical implications of AI-generated visual content within contemporary society.

Work in progress

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