Waiting for Your Turn
2019 /
Total installation.
Objects, prints, graphic, video, sculpture, DNA of artist, data.
Video - 1.30 min

The laboratory is a post-truth project in where used the data from studies of the cognitive properties of creative processes and behavioural patterns. The preface tells how the consciousness of the masses and the course of history change through the manipulation of behaviour. With a reference to Bernays and the psychoanalyst.
The project is a laboratory in which objects and research protocols are collected, a tomogram, DNA samples, sketches of plants from alchemisrty atlas - everything can cause confusion when confronted with a scientific question. Gradually, plunging into the details of the description, visually and through the mediator's description the viewer can understand that he himself is the main object of research, and it is precisely his behaviour that is followed during how he analyzes and reacts to objects of art.

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